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From Light

A photography-inspired 2D puzzle-platformer · By Faffinabout


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The future for From Light
Thank you so much for all your help Hi everyone, In spite of our best efforts, the campaign deadline has came and went, and we were unable to meet our goal. and...
#SaveClarifly - Only 2 Days Left!!!
oh no! it looks like our resident street artist, Numbskull, has some dubious plans for our tourbot Clarifly in the event the campaign fails to meet its goal!...
5 More Days!
Hey Starfriends. This is it. the last 5 days before our Fig campaign comes to an end. We're still working hard towards our goal. But to meet it WE NEED YOUR HEL...
We've passed 50% of our goal! Let's talk about our development process!
Thank you so much for helping us get to this point! We've made a video exploring our dev process to celebrate! Please check it out! We had our first ever #Fan...
We need Fanart!!!
One thing we'd really like to take part in during the Fig Campaign is #FanArtFriday ! So if anyone sends us some fanart these coming weeks with #fromlightgame...
last day to sign up for our Thunderclap!!!
Our Thunderclap campaign goes out tomorrow so today is the last day to sign up if you already haven’t! This is the best way to support our crowdfunding effo...
#ScreenshotSaturday - April 7 2018
Happy #ScreenshotSaturday ! This week we're working on a video on how we build our levels! We'll be releasing that once we get to 50% so please share our campa...