#ScreenshotSaturday - April 7 2018

Happy #ScreenshotSaturday! This week we're working on a video on how we build our levels! We'll be releasing that once we get to 50% so please share our campaign with as many people as you can!

Campaign Link: fig.co/from-light

Our Thunderclap is launching on April 10 so let's try and get as many people's social media linked to that as we can!

Thunderclap Link: bit.ly/thunderclapFromLight

Call for Fanart!!!

We would love to see some fanart of the game, so if anyone makes any this following week and sends it to us on social media with #fromlightgame, we'll pick our favorites and post them on social media for everyone to see!

Press Roundup

Our demo was included in Rock Paper Shotgun's Free games of the week!

"solve some light bending puzzles and take photos of a strangely abandoned planet"

We were also included in Redonkulous Gaming's Crowdfunding Cornerearlier in the week!

the funny thing is that this article also included Swery's The Good Life Kickstarter (which is easily the bigger story), but somehow we're on the thumbnail!

Campaign Progress

we're well on the way to 50% so thanks everyone for all your help and support! We couldn't do this without any of you! Let's make next week even better!

Please keep sharing our campaign and thunderclap links!

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