We've reached 30% of our Goal! & Launch Day Press Roundup

Launch Day Press Roundup!

We had a really great response to the launch yesterday! There's an interview up at VentureBeat with our Producer Sherveen

Hardcore Gamer called us "Picture-Perfect"! I have no idea how we never thought of using that before but we're are totally stealing that from now on!

Alphabeta Gamer described us as "a beautiful and well crafted game that makes clever use of the camera/light trail mechanics and is full of great puzzle design. A Stylish and inventive puzzle platforming adventure well worth shining a light on"

and Planet Loser, which has just started their channel, chose to talk about us in their 2nd episode ever! It's amazing to hear someone analyze the game, it really takes it out of our heads and makes all of it feel real! Definitely check it out!

Campaign Updates!

We reached 15K today, which is 30% of our goal! Thanks so much for everyone's help!

The first 3 & last 3 days of a campaign tend to bring in the most pledges, and hitting 30%
is a great place to be in! To celebrate we're going
to release a more in-depth campaign video for you to check out and share! Check back for that sometime tomorrow, we're putting the finishing touches on that today!

our next goal is to hit 50% so make sure to share the campaign page at Fig.co/from-light

people can continue to support the campaign for free by linking your social media to our thunderclap campaign

and if you have anything you want to see from us in the coming weeks make sure to let us know on the campaign page or on social media

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