The Welcome Billboard

When arriving to Paradise 252-B through the spaceport you'll be able to take a look at the old traditional touristy attractions the skelk built to get you to buy their souvenirs. One of the most famous attractions that show up immediately after landing is this Welcome to paradise billboard with a waving skelk. When you stand under the skelk head for your picture you can buy it for only 25 bones (in today's exchange rate 1 USD gets you 15 bones).

We really want to give this section a similar feeling as to when you arrive on a new port, while at the same time having elements that will help teach our photo mechanic better. So we've been adding moving elements to this section to really drill in that pictures feeze the frame. We're adding more, but already here you can see that the background in the billboard moves, and the skelk waves!

What other in character moving elements can we add here?

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