Fig Campaign Backstage Pass

Even though we officially launched the fig campaign yesterday afternoon, we wanted to go a bit more into our campaign since yesterdays post was more about our demo optimizations.

First of all, here’s the link so you guys don’t have to scramble to find it.

If you’ve never seen a Fig campaign before you may notice it looks very similar to a Kickstarter campaign. There’s two main differences right now: 1) there’s no end date, and 2) you can invest.

There’s no end date because currently we’re in a stage called backstage pass. During this stage we are testing our campaign and keeping it (relatively) quiet. We want to see how the campaign performs currently and how we can make it better for when the official launch happens approximately two weeks from now. Also, during this stage all backer tiers are discounted. Once the backstage pass stage ends we will set an end date of 30 days.

So please anything you think could be better, let us know! Even if we don’t directly incorporate it will start a conversation that can push us to make changes. And we’ll give you our reasoning, we promise!

Now, for the second part: what exactly does investing in fig mean? Well, it means that you can put in money ($1000 minimum) and when the game releases you get to see a return on your investment. This means that if we make money, you also make money! If you want to learn more about how investing works you can check out this link (

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns let us know! :)

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